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I am not a good writer but I love to share my experience and learning's through writings.I am not confident with my grammar however I wrote it in English to share my page fair to all readers online.I try to make my post simple and easy to understand. God Bless to all readers and bloggers!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I would like to thank to all bloggers who drop my entrecard.To those who support and visit my newbie blog your effort and time is very well appreciated.To bloggers who recently drop my entrecard , thank you so much!


Leadership Book

I was chosen as a leader in our team this year.At first, I was hesitant to accept the position because I am busy to other stuff.Hubby encouraged me to be a leader of the team as it was  a different experienced too. I become a leader last June  2011 . At first, it is difficult to adjust the work load and responsibilities.It is tough to be a leader in a services team because only few can appreciate your handwork most of the time you hear are complains or feedback's.I take it as a challenge.I was inspired when my team won as "BEST SERVICES TEAM" of the company.
Last, leader's Christmas party the team department  give us a "One year Mini for Leaders " by Jim Seybert.It is like a daily bread book which content thought provoking insights on leadership.It is nice and inspiring book which can be used not only for leaders.


 I was so touch when hubby created this simple post card. It is priceless, simple and nice!

Pandan Leaf

The Pandan Leaf comes from the Screwpine tree, which can be found in Madagascar, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the tropical areas of Australia.
The medicinal uses for this tree are as follows: The entire plant is used as a diuretic, the roots have anti-diabetic properties, and the leaves are used for treating diseases of the skin.
In cooking, the leaf is used in making grass green Pandan cake which is similar to the American sponge cake. The Pandan leaf has also been used in rice and making different type of curries.
Strips of the leaves are used in making woven baskets, which are used to serve rice or other food items.

In the province, mother always put pandan leaf in the rice.Yesterday, I saw pandan leaf in the supermarket.I bought one small pack which cost 23pesos.I put 4 strips of leaves in the rice.Hubby was amazed because the rice smell's good and delicious to eat.He told me I have to put pandan leaf always in the rice :-)

Easy Butter Cake Recipe

Recipe :
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 cup butter
1 cup white sugar
2 eggs
3/4 cup evaporated milk

1. Sift together the flour, salt, and baking powder.
2. Cream the butter and blend in the white sugar and eggs. Beat until light and fluffy. Add the sifted dry ingredients to the creamed mixture alternately with the milk.
 Stir until just blended. Pour batter into prepared pan.
3 .Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 50 to 55 minutes or until cake springs back when lightly touched. 
Remove from pan and allow it to cool.

NOTE: Linen a wax paper  and grease a small amount of butter in the baking pan .

1. The preparation.

2. Baking at 50 minutes

3. Muffin pan for the excess

Craving a Cake

I am planning to bake a chocolate cake this morning.I am looking for a simple easy recipe which I will not have to go to a big supermarket just to buy the ingredients.While, I was online my friend send me a message in my face book.I was surprised  that she was  here in the Philippines.She invite me to attend the christening of her baby boy.We really missed each other.We talk long and I already feel tired to bake a cake.
Before, we end up our conversation my friend remind me not to eat chocolate because it is not good for a pregnant mother instead  eat more fruits and veggies.I change my mind, I gonna find a butter cake recipe now! However , I will bake it this coming New Year.
After, I clean the house hubby call me that he gonna  extend his duty at work until  to 11:00 o'clock in the evening.I decided to bake a  cake again while waiting for hubby.I go to the supermarket nearest my place.I buy  the ingredients and look for  measuring cups.I feel  sad that I could not find a measuring cup.I intend to use the saucer. I go home and prepare for baking.

Chicken Bones for Dogie

I gonna have a hard time thinking for  dogie 's food.He like bones and rice.I did not buy a dog food  anymore because he pop ooh a  lot.I feel tired of cleaning the patio.If  we feed  dogie rice and meat or chicken bones he often pop ooh and if he does it is not messy.Sometimes, hubby and I are both busy at work.We eat our dinner in a restaurant and arrived home late in the evening.We know that dogie is hungry.He is silent .He do not mind us when we arrived home.For busy days we just give dogie a slice of bread.We know it was not enough however we do not have left over food for him.Hubby suggest that we gonna buy a pack of chicken bones in the market.The chicken bones cost 20 pesos to 30 pesos per pack.Every week we bought two packs.We cook it in adobo style and placed in the refrigerator.One pack is enough to feed for dogie in  four days.We   mixed it with small amount of rice.

High school Graduates:Are you looking for a job?

There are lots of opportunity we can see online.However, there are also questions we have to ask in ourselves before applying a job.Isn't it ?
We may ask the following questions :

  • Am I qualified to the position posted online?
  • Do I have knowledge and capabilities to do the responsibilities the company is looking for?
  • Is the salary  offered  enough for my  needs or for my family ?
The above questions are only few that a job seekers may consider. How about if your a high school graduate only? Can you find a job easily ? 
Let me share to you my experienced in looking a job.I feel so frustrated  of having a job.I have already applied to different companies,department store etc. They call me for an interview but I think I had a bad luck no one call me back that I passed the interview, congratulate me and hire me! I change my resume.I put it there I am a high school graduate only because I saw there are lots of opportunity in a factory for high school graduates.Finally, there are two companies called me back that they gonna hire me.I  feel happy but  depressed. However, after I finished my contract I  tried to apply in engineering position. This time, I am lucky that I passed the interview easily.I was hired.

I want to share a job opportunity to high school graduates which I have seen online.

Advertised: 19-12-11 | Closing Date: 17-02-12
Opportunity for High School Grads 
PHP 15000 - 25000 +HMO+Bonus
National Capital Reg 
  • High School Grads may apply as Customer Care Associates
  • With trainings provided
  • As long as you can handle people well and communicate with them effectively
  • Successful applicants will receive a competitive salary package with great incentives and perks
  • Candidate must possess at least a High School Diploma, Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate, Bachelor's/College Degree , any field.
  • Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.
  • 175 Full-Time positions available.
  • At least 18 years old
  • Smart casual attire
  • 3 resumes
  • Valid ID

Everyone is welcome to apply.
Text us at 0917-559-1708
- From Makati Buendia MRT station, take the jeepney route going to Washington Bel-Air and Buendia Route. Get off at Petron walk towards Pacific Star Bldg. “Makati Ave.” then walk straight ahead. You’ll pass by Times Square. Keep walking straight up until you reach Makati Ave. corner H.V. Dela Costa St. Walk straight ahead you’ll pass by BDO Corporate Center, Trafalgar Plaza, Crown Tower, Liberty Center. Keep walking straight you’ll see on your left side The SomerSet Hotel, Aguirre Loan, make sure to turn left at Tordesillas St. You will site on our ground floor level Western Union Money Transfer and RCBC Bank. We are located at the 7/F of Finman Bldg., right across National Development Company Bldg. & Orient Mansions and Botika ng Bayan. We are beside Jewish Association of the Philippines

Night Shift Work

The morning shift  is over.Last, week of December is our transition of duty in the company.I cannot say "NO" even if I don't like a night shift work.My workmates always said " a call of duty" as night shift  is kinda tiring.I am hoping that the management will transfer pregnant employees to day shift . We hope so!
Hubby and I are having a difficult time to be together.His duty is always on day shift.Hubby and I will have to adjust.He always told me "I missed  baby and wife y " as he always kissed my tummy before going to bed or going to work.Well, a "call of duty " for the future and making money for the needs.
Working at night  has a merit of having a night differential allowance however it is not quiet  enough to pay for the strength a worker spent  in twelve hours.The call center people working at night may experienced different to a people working in a factory.The similar thing may observe people are groggy at dawn!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Choco-Marble Loaf

I am looking for a  simple baking recipe.I am too excited to use my 3in 1 Turbo Broiler. Finally, I have found one which I gonna share with you.

Ingredients :
2 1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2/3 cup sugar
1 1/4 cups condensed milk
1/3 cup evaporated milk
2 eggs
2/3 cup melted butter
1/4 cup chocolate syrup

1.In a bowl,sift all all dry ingredients.
2.Blend in the condensed milk, eggs,melted butter and evaporated milk
3.Pour into prepared pan and set aside 1/4 cup  of the mixture. 
Note ( Pan should line with a wax paper or foil )
4.Blend  well the chocolate syrup in the remaining mixture.
5.Pour over the pan and swirl chocolate  mixture into the batter using a knife.
6. Baked for 45 minutes or until top is firm to the touch and when toothpick comes out clean when inserted in the middle of the cake.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Turbo Broiler

I was surprised the turbo broiler that I won last company Christmas Party. I am expecting a typical turbo broiler round in shape and good for broiling a chicken. I authorized hubby to get my prize in the company since the distribution of item falls in the day off. When, hubby arrived home we open the box .We are both surprised !  It was an ultra-large 3IN 1 convection & rotisserie turbo broiler. I can now baked a cake, make a pizza, bake my favorite oatmeal cookies a lots of recipe came up to cook.
I am thankful to God for the Blessings!

Christmas Party

The company celebration was held in SMX convention center near  SM Mall of Asia.I was undecided to attend the Christmas Party. The hubby permits me to go provided I would ask first my Obgyne if it’s fine to travel going to Manila.My  Obgyne  allow me to go to the party.My interest in going the party is to win the There are different minor prizes while major prizes are showroom package,digicam,Samsung tablet,Samsung galaxy. The party starts at  5 o’clock pm.Hubby and I are wishing to win any prize .After, dinner we go outside the party area to take pictures.When, we came back the party my friends congratulates me for winning a minor prize. I won a  turbo boiler! I am happy .I told hubby that the baby girl in my tummy is lucky.This is the first time I won a raffle for six years of my stay in the company.The party  end  up around 9:30 in the evening.
 Hubby and I go home  happily! 


I celebrate Christmas with hubby and our baby girl in my tummy. We did a different Christmas celebration this year.Hubby did the cooking of his favorite spaghetti and broiled chicken .The first Christmas he did it! What I did is to prepare the table for our Noche Buena.I prepare the fruits,bread and few coins to put in the pocket.My mother always remind  me that is it goodluck to eat grapes  at 12 midnight and put a coins in the pocket.The coins should be kept  all throughout the year.
We did not attend the evening mass.I told hubby to have mass on the  25th  December in the morning because the air breeze is too cold at midnight.I am also scared outside of the firecrackers or any pyrotechnics that may explode because I cannot run away with it easily since my tummy is already  whopping.
This year we celebrate Christmas in simple way.No fireworks in house, no  cake, no ice-cream  which we had last year. Although, I thank God for all the Blessings we had this year.
Happy Holiday to all!


Hubby gets tired of shopping nowadays! The reason is, the mall is crowded, long line in the cashier for paying the item and traffic. I obliged hubby to go with me for shopping because I wanted to get a discount in buying for our baby girl dress and stuffs. Hubby told me we should go shopping in SM mall because the place is near. I told him “I did not see prize discount on baby dress and stuff. “I have been at SM mall looking for baby dress however I couldn’t find a cheaper one. My workmate told me that  at  Robinson’s Department Store the baby dress  has discount and baby stuff  is cheaper compared  in Shoe mart.Hubby  cannot complain with me! We go to Robinson’s Department Store at Festival Mall. We both happy because all the stuff we are looking for new born baby was there .We avail 25% discount in all items. However, pay 2,000pesos cash only because we use to pay our SODEXO cheque.The cashier give us free items. The free items are baby booties and mittens. We gain 10 pieces free for booties and 10 pieces free for mittens and we save 1,000pesos for all the items we buy .Not bad!
Thanks for the Christmas Sale!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Gift

Despite of the company crisis in solar manufacturing we are still blessed that the management give us a SODEXO gift cheque.The sodexo gift cheque can be use to pay in SM mall, Abenson etc.The disadvantage of using this gift cheque is you cannot get a cash change of your remaining money. It is better to use it in paying an item more than the amount of the gift cheque and pay cash to the extra amount.Hubby and I plan to spend our Sodexo gift cheque to buy for our baby girl earrings the excess will be spent for her basic needs like  toiletries,dress,socks and blanket.I am hoping for the excess! lol.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I am looking a cheapest domestic plane ticket for next year travel.I have already search the three airlines namely : Cebu Pacific Airlines, Zest Airways and Philippine Airlines.I compare the price fare of each one.The Cebu Pacific airlines offer a lowest domestic plane ticket for travel period of February 2012 to March 2012. I tried to book online.I observe  the tax and charges is big enough compared to Zest Airways with baggage plane ticket.The sale ticket of Cebu Pacific  is comparable to Philippine Airlines which cost 1,488pesos as their lowest fare.I am just amazed! I cancel first my online transactions maybe I could visit again the three websites.I am not sure if it's only a database  error or new computation  of Cebu Pacific Airlines.
To those who gonna book online please compare first the price of each airlines before booking.This is just  to make sure that we can save a pesos in promo tickets !

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Baby Girl

Tomorrow, my baby girl  in my tummy is already 24 weeks.I am getting excited and happy.I know what time and when she kicks.There are two instances I noticed that baby kicks often, if I am hungry and if  I eat cake or chocolate. Every time I wake up in the morning I talk to her and always say "morning baby" while at night hubby never forgets to say "goodnight baby" before he sleep. Hubby and I are eager to see our first baby!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Online Deposit Error

Hubby and I open a stock market account in Citiseconline broker.We chose this broker because every transactions is online.To open an account, deposit,buy and sell stocks, withdraw money everything you want can be transacted anytime.The website is friendly user and their customer service is always open and free to answers all queries and problem.
Last week, I was surprised that I receive a deposit receipt in my e-mail.I checked our account and noticed that there was an additional money credited.I call hubby if he deposit a money but he say's "NO". I tried to contact the customer service of Citisec to inform about the money deposited in our account.The girl insist that money was for us because the name and account number belongs to us.I did not argue.Hubby and I decide to keep the money in our account since we do not really know who is the owner of the money.
After, a week the Citisec office called me in my mobile phone asking about the money deposited in our account.I told them to debit the money in our account because it was not really our money! However, I want to assure the security of our account that this things will not happened again.The accounting officer explained to me the deposit error incident.They cannot track the depositor name that made a wrong deposit because she send a deposit slip using my account number.In the transaction online my account name appeared.The customer who made a wrong  deposit called Citisec office asking about the money deposited because it was not yet credited in the account.The accounting department send me a memo to document and as a proof copy that they debit the money in our account for clear transaction.
The lesson is we have to check carefully the account number before we send a deposit slip to the bank or stock office.

Children's Songs

The internet signal is fast in our area early in the morning.Today,I wake up early to download children's songs for my baby girl.
Last week,I plan to buy a DVD in the mall since the price is discounted however hubby told me to collect songs in YouTube to save money.He installed Real player downloader in the laptop for fast and easy downloading.Today, I download 50 nursery rhymes songs.The baby girl in my tummy is kicking as she heard the song.I am happy and excited to be a mommy soon!

Credit Card Reward Points

I am using a BPI credit card for three years.My card is just a pre approved offered by the bank.I am happy when I got my credit card.I can shop cashless now! One disadvantage of having a credit card is to have credit and exceed your budget.isn't it ?My learning's here is to have a self disciplined.I now use my card in purchasing important things like booking a plane ticket online, buying appliances ,laptop etc.However, there is also an advantage of frequent card users.The reward  points has a corresponding items and privileges.How can a reward points earned?For every 35pesos spent using your BPI credit card you will  earn 1 point;and for every 50pesos charged to credit card you also earn 1 point.The earned points is accumulated. For three years of using my credit  card I earned  8,000 points.There are various of items you can redeemed however I choose the multi cooker since I can use it at home.