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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hubby gets tired of shopping nowadays! The reason is, the mall is crowded, long line in the cashier for paying the item and traffic. I obliged hubby to go with me for shopping because I wanted to get a discount in buying for our baby girl dress and stuffs. Hubby told me we should go shopping in SM mall because the place is near. I told him “I did not see prize discount on baby dress and stuff. “I have been at SM mall looking for baby dress however I couldn’t find a cheaper one. My workmate told me that  at  Robinson’s Department Store the baby dress  has discount and baby stuff  is cheaper compared  in Shoe mart.Hubby  cannot complain with me! We go to Robinson’s Department Store at Festival Mall. We both happy because all the stuff we are looking for new born baby was there .We avail 25% discount in all items. However, pay 2,000pesos cash only because we use to pay our SODEXO cheque.The cashier give us free items. The free items are baby booties and mittens. We gain 10 pieces free for booties and 10 pieces free for mittens and we save 1,000pesos for all the items we buy .Not bad!
Thanks for the Christmas Sale!

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