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Sunday, December 25, 2011


I celebrate Christmas with hubby and our baby girl in my tummy. We did a different Christmas celebration this year.Hubby did the cooking of his favorite spaghetti and broiled chicken .The first Christmas he did it! What I did is to prepare the table for our Noche Buena.I prepare the fruits,bread and few coins to put in the pocket.My mother always remind  me that is it goodluck to eat grapes  at 12 midnight and put a coins in the pocket.The coins should be kept  all throughout the year.
We did not attend the evening mass.I told hubby to have mass on the  25th  December in the morning because the air breeze is too cold at midnight.I am also scared outside of the firecrackers or any pyrotechnics that may explode because I cannot run away with it easily since my tummy is already  whopping.
This year we celebrate Christmas in simple way.No fireworks in house, no  cake, no ice-cream  which we had last year. Although, I thank God for all the Blessings we had this year.
Happy Holiday to all!

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