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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Party

The company celebration was held in SMX convention center near  SM Mall of Asia.I was undecided to attend the Christmas Party. The hubby permits me to go provided I would ask first my Obgyne if it’s fine to travel going to Manila.My  Obgyne  allow me to go to the party.My interest in going the party is to win the There are different minor prizes while major prizes are showroom package,digicam,Samsung tablet,Samsung galaxy. The party starts at  5 o’clock pm.Hubby and I are wishing to win any prize .After, dinner we go outside the party area to take pictures.When, we came back the party my friends congratulates me for winning a minor prize. I won a  turbo boiler! I am happy .I told hubby that the baby girl in my tummy is lucky.This is the first time I won a raffle for six years of my stay in the company.The party  end  up around 9:30 in the evening.
 Hubby and I go home  happily! 

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