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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chicken Bones for Dogie

I gonna have a hard time thinking for  dogie 's food.He like bones and rice.I did not buy a dog food  anymore because he pop ooh a  lot.I feel tired of cleaning the patio.If  we feed  dogie rice and meat or chicken bones he often pop ooh and if he does it is not messy.Sometimes, hubby and I are both busy at work.We eat our dinner in a restaurant and arrived home late in the evening.We know that dogie is hungry.He is silent .He do not mind us when we arrived home.For busy days we just give dogie a slice of bread.We know it was not enough however we do not have left over food for him.Hubby suggest that we gonna buy a pack of chicken bones in the market.The chicken bones cost 20 pesos to 30 pesos per pack.Every week we bought two packs.We cook it in adobo style and placed in the refrigerator.One pack is enough to feed for dogie in  four days.We   mixed it with small amount of rice.

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