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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Craving a Cake

I am planning to bake a chocolate cake this morning.I am looking for a simple easy recipe which I will not have to go to a big supermarket just to buy the ingredients.While, I was online my friend send me a message in my face book.I was surprised  that she was  here in the Philippines.She invite me to attend the christening of her baby boy.We really missed each other.We talk long and I already feel tired to bake a cake.
Before, we end up our conversation my friend remind me not to eat chocolate because it is not good for a pregnant mother instead  eat more fruits and veggies.I change my mind, I gonna find a butter cake recipe now! However , I will bake it this coming New Year.
After, I clean the house hubby call me that he gonna  extend his duty at work until  to 11:00 o'clock in the evening.I decided to bake a  cake again while waiting for hubby.I go to the supermarket nearest my place.I buy  the ingredients and look for  measuring cups.I feel  sad that I could not find a measuring cup.I intend to use the saucer. I go home and prepare for baking.

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