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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pandan Leaf

The Pandan Leaf comes from the Screwpine tree, which can be found in Madagascar, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the tropical areas of Australia.
The medicinal uses for this tree are as follows: The entire plant is used as a diuretic, the roots have anti-diabetic properties, and the leaves are used for treating diseases of the skin.
In cooking, the leaf is used in making grass green Pandan cake which is similar to the American sponge cake. The Pandan leaf has also been used in rice and making different type of curries.
Strips of the leaves are used in making woven baskets, which are used to serve rice or other food items.

In the province, mother always put pandan leaf in the rice.Yesterday, I saw pandan leaf in the supermarket.I bought one small pack which cost 23pesos.I put 4 strips of leaves in the rice.Hubby was amazed because the rice smell's good and delicious to eat.He told me I have to put pandan leaf always in the rice :-)

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