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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Night Shift Work

The morning shift  is over.Last, week of December is our transition of duty in the company.I cannot say "NO" even if I don't like a night shift work.My workmates always said " a call of duty" as night shift  is kinda tiring.I am hoping that the management will transfer pregnant employees to day shift . We hope so!
Hubby and I are having a difficult time to be together.His duty is always on day shift.Hubby and I will have to adjust.He always told me "I missed  baby and wife y " as he always kissed my tummy before going to bed or going to work.Well, a "call of duty " for the future and making money for the needs.
Working at night  has a merit of having a night differential allowance however it is not quiet  enough to pay for the strength a worker spent  in twelve hours.The call center people working at night may experienced different to a people working in a factory.The similar thing may observe people are groggy at dawn!

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