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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leadership Book

I was chosen as a leader in our team this year.At first, I was hesitant to accept the position because I am busy to other stuff.Hubby encouraged me to be a leader of the team as it was  a different experienced too. I become a leader last June  2011 . At first, it is difficult to adjust the work load and responsibilities.It is tough to be a leader in a services team because only few can appreciate your handwork most of the time you hear are complains or feedback's.I take it as a challenge.I was inspired when my team won as "BEST SERVICES TEAM" of the company.
Last, leader's Christmas party the team department  give us a "One year Mini for Leaders " by Jim Seybert.It is like a daily bread book which content thought provoking insights on leadership.It is nice and inspiring book which can be used not only for leaders.

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