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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Credit Card Reward Points

I am using a BPI credit card for three years.My card is just a pre approved offered by the bank.I am happy when I got my credit card.I can shop cashless now! One disadvantage of having a credit card is to have credit and exceed your budget.isn't it ?My learning's here is to have a self disciplined.I now use my card in purchasing important things like booking a plane ticket online, buying appliances ,laptop etc.However, there is also an advantage of frequent card users.The reward  points has a corresponding items and privileges.How can a reward points earned?For every 35pesos spent using your BPI credit card you will  earn 1 point;and for every 50pesos charged to credit card you also earn 1 point.The earned points is accumulated. For three years of using my credit  card I earned  8,000 points.There are various of items you can redeemed however I choose the multi cooker since I can use it at home.

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