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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Golden Sunset View

This post is continuation of Manila Ocean Park vs Golden Sunset.
Finally, the team decided to go in Golden Sunset.The place is calm and nice!
We left around 7:30am in Laguna and arrived at 9:30am in Calatagan Batangas.It is 2.5hours travel.
We rest for 30minutes to eat our snack. Then go around the place.The swimming pool tempted me to take a bathe but I cannot.My workmates told me that it is not advisable  for pregnant to take a bathe in a pool.I enjoy the presentation during our lunch time! It is  acultural folk dances in the Philippines.I remember my elementary and high school days.The "Tinikling" ,"Pandango sa Ilaw" etc.  

way going to beach

very nice shells curtain

tempting Jacuzzi pool 

planning to go to the museum

Team's picture

I'm at children's
My activity of the day is to take pictures around and eat! lol

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