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Friday, November 11, 2011

Manila Ocean Park or Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset,Calatagan Batangas (The PARADISE ! )

If I gonna ask you what place you will chose Manila Ocean Park or Golden Sunset in Batangas?
This week I am busy getting my team votes.Which is majority Manila Ocean Park or Golden Sunset.In the company, we had services and manufacturing team.I belong in a services team.Last audit we won as the Best Team! The company give us a team building price going to Golden Sunset in Calatagan Batangas as the first prize and Manila Ocean Park for the second price.Everything was already set.All members who will join arrange their schedule for the week.It so happen that Manila Ocean Park show on Television the newest attraction ( snow, fish spa and penguin  many more) most members suggest that it could be possible if we can change the venue to Manila Ocean Park.I saw most members were excited and happy! I talk to the manager if it is possible.They permit us however the condition will be "I gonna get the opinions of all team members,if majority will vote the Manila Ocean Park it will be approve" .The difficult thing doing is to contact each member especially those who were in rest days.The risk is I have only given  one day to decide either Manila Ocean Park or Golden Sunset.I tried my best to do my job at the end of the day Golden Sunset still win because of its NEW OUTDOOR MUSEUM!
 If you will ask me, I gonna chose both because I have not yet visited those places.

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