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I am not a good writer but I love to share my experience and learning's through writings.I am not confident with my grammar however I wrote it in English to share my page fair to all readers online.I try to make my post simple and easy to understand. God Bless to all readers and bloggers!

Friday, January 6, 2012


I do have to always remind myself to eat fiber fruits.My baby girl is in trimester , I experienced constipation although this is normally happen to pregnant women but the OB advise to eat fruits with fiber and drink plenty of fluids.Yesterday, I had my monthly check up in my OB.I told her about my problem of being constipated.I eat fruits with fiber however I still missed to discharged a day or two days.I feel uncomfortable.She advise me to take fibrosine, a high fiber supplement that is mixed and dissolved in a water.It is effective to me but I still have to drink cereal like Nestiva.It really works.I do not call my husband anymore as I usually do to give me a glass of water in the comfort room.

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