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Thursday, November 17, 2011


I diagnosed as polycystic in Calamba Medical Hospital last June 2011.I admitted  because my menstruation is not regular. I intake pills to have my period  every month.I intake pills for 5 years.I stop it when I got married last May 2011.My hubby and I are always praying to have a baby soon.However, my OB told us that it is difficult for us to have a baby.I transfer to Asian Hospital for second opinion.I can't sleep at night thinking that I can't have a baby.In Asian I met Dra. Martha Millar Aquino.She give me medicine to ovulate,which means I can able to  produce more egg cells .I intake it for a week and came back to her.We expect that I gonna have my menstruation first over that week but I didn't.I worried a lot! She advise me to have a pregnancy test  before I gonna have my second transvi ultrasound.It turned out POSITIVE! My hubby and I was really amazed!I didn't came back my first OB, not just I do not like her service it is because I am not satisfied of the treatment or medication she gonna give me.
Now, I am 5 months preggy ,it is  excited as a future mother like me especially if the baby kicks and moved in my tummy :-) My attending OB is still Dra. Martha Aquino from Asian Hospital.isn't it classy ? No, because I have a health card which company provided us.My pre natal check up is free! In my first trimester,it is difficult for me because I work at night.My tummy  is always having a contraction.My feet swell at early month. In Asian Hospital ,I know they have best Doctor and it is really True!  Dra. Martha Aquino give meds an effective one! It really helps a lot and I feel comfortable working in night shift duty.I like her because she didn't treat my like a baby ,instead she teach me to become responsible as a pregnant woman.I can say Dra. Martha Aquino is one of a recommended OB in Asian Hospital.

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