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Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Giveaway!

As the holiday season draws close, it’s great to have a little extra cash in your pocket; to buy that last minute gift, or treat yourself to something nice. Well, we are here to help. WIN extra CASH just in time for the Holiday Season!!! Enter for your chance to WIN one of three CASH prizes. The first place winner will receive $60.00 USD, second place $30.00 USD and third place $20.00 USD. It does not matter where you live (Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, South America, or the United States), you can participate. The winners will be paid via paypal. This giveaway is sponsored personally and is not part of a blog exchange giveaway, thus your chances of winning are great! So you might be asking yourself, How do I enter the Holiday Giveaway?

1) Simply copy and paste the html code below into a post on your blog. Use the title Holiday Giveaway!!!

2) Go to each site in this post (below) and place a comment with a link to your sites post (you must go to each site to be qualified).

3) That’s it!

One entry per domain name. The winners will be randomly selected on December 16, 2011. See the Giveaway Terms & Conditions page for details.

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  1. Hi, the prize money is substantial, very tempting