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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Feel Sad


This girl make me depressed in my entire life.She is the eldest among her two brothers.She is my cousin and came from a broken family.Her two brothers stop studying in elementary because of financial problem.This girl was already 4th year high school when I let her transfer in Laguna.I want her to finish college, find a nice job and help her family.I let her stayed in the house , she continue to study in high school until she graduated.After, graduation the TESDA offer vocational courses in Perpetual Help System with 30pesos daily allowance.I let her take an entrance exam.It is so lucky that she pass the exam.I am happy!She studied commercial cooking and got a certificate after 6 months. I told her to study housekeeping.Her step sister plan to bring this girl in Hongkong for a job after her trainings.We do really have a good plan for this girl.
It’s summer.We go home in the province for vacation and attended the Fiesta Celebration.I missed my hometown, our home, parents and neighbors.The month of April to May is a busy days for everybody in the company.I took a one week vacation only.I told this girl to stay first in the province for long vacation since two years she did not home.We agreed each other that she gonna come back in Laguna before June.I told her I gonna send her plane ticket soon when I arrived in Laguna.We had a very nice arrangement before I left in the province.

After, a week I received a call from my mother.She told me that this girl was missing.Her father  was looking her for a week.Finally, somebody told us that this girl already go with her boyfriend.In order to fixed the issue , her father let them married.To make the story short this girl was already a mother of one child  at the age of 16.I feel depressed.I do not want her to see and experienced of what her father bear the burden when her mother left.I do not want anybody to blame for, maybe that’s  the life that she really dream ! tsk..tsk..

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