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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How do you Budget your money?

Talking about money is difficult to budget especially if only one is working in the family.Money is always insufficient.If we have money we wanted to buy things that can make life comfortable.The question, Is that your basic needs?mmhhh...How do you budget your money?What formula do you apply to budget your money?The family with kids studying have different priorities than those family with baby or toddler to feed.Budget came from old French word" bougette" , "purse " meaning a plan for saving, borrowing and spending.My formula in budgeting our money is:
Savings = Income ( husband + wife ) - Expenses
How about you ? I know we have different style of budgeting our money.The key is we have to save every month for urgent situation.However, using the formula above I often lost my budget espeacially if we go malling during sale or discounted days.
I watched a TV program title "Pesos and Sense", the host introduce a formula in budgeting money.
Expenses = Income - Savings, well in this formula savings will be always safe and we have to control expenses.As hubby agreed too ,we sign up a membership application in company cooperative.We have save little amount of money monthly without being noticed because it was taken out through salary deduction and we can't withdraw it anytime just unlike saving through ATM.

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