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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teaching Experience

science activity:
Short Quiz in the class:
Class groupings:
I recall my experience in teaching a public school with sixty students in a room.whew! How could my students learn from me?I am a student teacher in science subject of first year highschool students.The challenging task is classroom management.In a crowd classroom ,I'm pretty sure students will no longer listen the teacher talking in front until the session end.I plan a different motivation everyday so that the students will listen to me.
My few motivation:
  • I call names to answer my question during discussion with corresponding points.
  • I give them a short quiz after discussion.I rank their scores those who failed will show a talent in front of their classmates.
  • I owe them to perform the experiment by group and report the result in the class.
  • I give reward to those excellent students.
I am thankful that my mentor is kind and supportive.
Thank You Ma'am!
For me,It is also a parent role to follow up their student activities in school , praise the child or give also a reward for their achievement in school.
I wish government budget will double in education sector so that public schools will be conducive for learning and extend a good quality education.

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