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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Kind of Therapist is Right for me

I feel pain in my left arm.I do not know what happen  as it suddenly ache when I try to twist or left an object.I told hubby to massage my arm but still I can feel the pain.I drop the object I am holding.When, I had my last visit to my OB I ask her if  it is  fine for me  to have a therapy in my arm.She told me "Yes" provided no medicine should I intake.I forgot to ask what kind of therapist should I go. A physical therapist or massage therapist? I am  confused the function of  the two so I tried to look up the difference of their job.

Massage therapist :focus on the manipulation of body tissues by manual methods to assist the body in its natural processes of pain reduction,improved health and well-being , stress reduction and healing trauma.

Physical therapist : uses equipment and apparatus to facilitate the rehabilitation of specific physical injury to the body and measures its progress.

Now, it is clear to me where should I go to relieve the pain of my left arm.

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