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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Washing Machine

Our washing machines finally give up!

In the house, we have a small washing machine.The capacity is only 3 kilos.It is only enough for me and hubby's dirty clothes since we are only two in the house.I love to use it because I can carry it alone in the laundry area.We are  using it for almost 3 years.Last year, the timer is not working the technician fixed it and I pay 500pesos because he change the timer.It is kinda expensive but we do not have budget in buying a new one.

This year our pet doggy grow faster he loves to play and crunch into some stuff in the yard like slippers, cloth hangers etc.It so happen that he bite off the wire of our washing machine until it was cut.I couldn’t blame the doggy maybe he is hungry because we forgot to leave a dog food and he did not eat for the whole day.Hubby, tried to fixed the wiring.He connect the wire again and tied it up with an electrical tape.The washing machine work again! Yesterday,I plan to laundry our clothes.I noticed that the wire of the washing was cut off.I connect it again and tie a tape however, it did not work and it was already short circuit.How I know ?When, I plugged it the wire was burned.It did not tried it again or else it will invite some trouble.

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