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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pacific Grove, Tagaytay City

We visited and inquired different venues for garden wedding. What I am looking for is a place with indoor setting just in case bad weather happened during my big day. In Tagaytay City, there are lots of nice place that you can celebrate a romantic garden wedding. The famed one is Sonya’s Garden!
It is quiet tiring to find a place for wedding especially if you do not have your own car and your budget does not fit the one you like. We decided to visit wedding store located 2nd floor in Robinson’s Place, Tagaytay City. They recommend us Pacific Grove Clubhouse and Suites. The place is safe and easy to find. It is located in Magallanes Drive; Tagaytay City.It is a perfect venue for wedding! You can choose either in the chapel, indoor area, pool side for your wedding ceremony. We paid the place for 25,000pesos plus couples one day stay in the suite. It is free to use the swimming pool and billiards.

The place is peaceful and perfect for honeymooners!


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    Would you be kind enough to send me the contact details of Pacific Grove? Thanks so much!


    1. kindly send it to Thanks for your help