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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do you Know the Most Nutritious Nuts ?

All nuts are healthy! Not all expensive nuts deliver more vitamins and minerals. I have read a clip in a magazine regarding nuts. I will share, for you to choose the right nuts you will eat.

   Cashews : contains more saturated fat and less fiber and protein.
   Macadamias : higher in calories and lower  in fiber and saturated fat.
 Peanuts : protein-packed nuts but have a bit of more saturated fat than some other nuts.
  Pistachios : high in protein,lower in calories than other nuts.
 Pecans :  contain some omega-3s plus lots of zinc and fiber.
   Walnuts : contain most omega-3 fatty acids and most folate and calcium
   Almonds: richest in vitamin E and potassium
  Hazelnuts: filled with fiber and most fat is the healthy unsaturated kind.

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