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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where to Invest your Money ?

The popular means in investing money is putting it a bank, buying a property like house, commercial lot,fruit or coco farm lot,be a member of an insurance plan or  joining a franchise venture. However, for working people they just deposit their money in a bank and get interest after a month’s or year depend the amount of money save in the account.Isn’t  it creepy to deposit a big amount of money in a bank were we heard that there are bank’s that suddenly closed? Oh well, it is not bad to put money in a bank but make sure the bank has back up business or owned a property  to name a few BDO and BPI.Do not draw your money to invest in a bank that has only a convincing Ad.

Let me talk about investing in a stock market.In a company, my workmates invest thru stock market.I have a good friend who encourage me to invest in a stock market.The starting amount to open an account is 25,000pesos.I do not have a such amount of cash in my pocket since then I am paying my own house too.I didn’t take seriously ! After a year,stock market investing comes out again in a hot news of my circle of friends.I didn’t mind them at first.But, friends are eager to join and attend a free seminar.When they told me FREE seminar to know in investing a stock market ,it makes me happy! I  join up! I enlist my name online for reservation .The seminar was held in Philippine Stock Exchange Bldg,Ortigas near SM Megamall.It’s not only free seminar but also free snacks J

What is the website to sign up for FREE seminar? If you have read books by Bo. Sanchez  or watch GMA News TV every Saturday 9am you know Citiseconline.The citiseconline site is understandable.It is easy to buy and sell and withdraw money online.There is no need to wait for 3 to 4 days , money will reflect in your account for a seconds or minute depend your transaction.Do not worry for a broker charge it is small amount only!

How much is the starting amount to invest?mmhh..not big amount! If you have 5,000pesos cash in your pocket then you can open an account and start investing.This is a great news for me!

How do you earn in stock market investing? Well, you need patience.Do not rush to sell your stocks share, if  your not earning any amount.However, you will have a chance to receive Dividends too depend on stock you buy.

For more information citiseconline office is located in Philippine Stock Exchange Building,Ortigas.It is always open to all!

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