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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wedding Costume

It took me a year to choose my wedding had already browsed numerous website and catalog. My sister in-law recommend me Monique Llluilier website. The gowns were fabulous! I dream to pick one design but the cost doesn’t permit me to do so J I choose my wedding gown design in a catalog of Alma & Anthony Wedding Gown, a store located in Fiesta Mall ,Divisoria.

There are lots of famous stores for reasonably priced wedding gown in Divisoria. However, it is tough to trust people easily nowadays. I come to know Alma & Anthony wedding gown store online in female forum. They have no website for wedding package inquiry. One of their customers post a mobile number. I am convinced to  contact the given number because of the good feedback from them. My workmate who is also preparing her wedding visited already the store and met Alma. She recommended me to go. She said “You can deal a good price for wedding costume to Ate Alma “.She will contact you if there’s a problem. So, I try to go there in the store and see if the price is reasonable. I asked her to figure out the expense of a wedding costume package .After, an hour of price and design negotiation we close the deal to 40k pesos.
The package includes:
   Set of Wedding gown (bride) and dressing gown
   Wedding gown (little bride)
   Groom’s attire (barong + pants)
   Little Groom’s attire
   Entourage ( Girls + boys)
   Parent’s attire
With FREE pouch to all girls!

little bride...

my wedding gown set

I got my wedding gown design in this picture

I did not encountered problem to Ate Alma. She is nice to her customer and willing to change or patch up the item if the fits or design is not good in your eyes.The good feedback from their customer's is really true.

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