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I am not a good writer but I love to share my experience and learning's through writings.I am not confident with my grammar however I wrote it in English to share my page fair to all readers online.I try to make my post simple and easy to understand. God Bless to all readers and bloggers!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Goodbye Body Mist

My friend gives me a Victoria’s secret body mist. I guess they got a package from US and share me a cologne. Thank’s a lot!

I will just kept it.I am not picky of the kind of trademark J either treasure it for a reminder because this friend of mine always share his blessings to me.The reason is all about my baby.It is not good for a preggy woman like me to use a perfume.I sneeze often especially in the morning or if I sniff a fragrance of a cologne.I always drink plenty of water every day to relieve my runny nose.

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