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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Basic Information in Singapore

There are lots of Filipinos working in Singapore however there are still some who dream to work in this industrial and economic growing country.To those who are planning to apply and work in Singapore I will give you essential information that will help in your journey.

1.Money Matters :
The currency in Singapore is the Singapore dollar.The money changing services in this country can be found at many shopping centres and hotels around the island.The ATM services are open 24hours daily and accept main credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and  American Express.

2.Drinking Water:
The Tap Water in Singapore is perfectly safe to drink.The mineral water is quiet expensive.

3.Weather :
Singapore weather is hot and humid, with little variation throughout the year.The daytime temperature is 31deg Celsius dropping to 24deg Celsius.If you plan to go around the city please dress accordingly.

4.Cell Phone Usage:
The Singapore international dialing code is +65 however if you have international roaming on your mobile phone there is no need to dial +65 it will automatically connect you to the local numbers  you wish to call.

5.Lost / Stolen Property:
If you lose any valuables things during your stay in Singapore, call the Tanglin Divisional Headquarters to report the incident.

If  you are a smoker,you will have to resist the urge to light up in the air-conditioned areas such as shopping centres,restaurants,entertainment outlets and cinemas.Smoking is also an offense to MRT station,trains,taxis and lifts.A maximum fine of S$1,000 can be imposed on first-time  offenders.

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