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Friday, October 21, 2011

Practical English Training

There are various learning center all over the country that offers short term courses or training certificate in English. The business of learning center boom because of the increasing demand of jobs in Call Center. The basic requirement of the job is good grammar, can speak fluently with pleasant accent, understand and write English language. No age limit. No professional licensed required.
I studied practical English to improve my accent in English language and to refresh my grammar. I inquire online to some learning center near my place but the schedule did not match my day off and the fee is expensive. I found one in Calamba City “Cambrige Learning Center” they offer 72 hours training with different schedule of classes including weekend. The students can make a choice of the schedule. They give certificate after the training.

However, if you want a free training TESDA provide English and foreign language to all. I make inquiries in TESDA, Taguig City office. There is a qualifying exam that you need to pass if you enroll in foreign language. In English training no exam but there is a fix schedule of class.

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