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Friday, October 21, 2011

Postponed Vacation Trip

Before, we got married my boyfriend request me to visit their place and met his family personally.We decided to have a vacation last November 01,2010.It was postponed because of his unexpected trip outside the country.I thought we can refund our plane ticket in Cebu pacific even just fifty percent of the fare we paid . I was wrong. The customer service told me that “If the ticket is promo fare it was already forfeited, If the date will be rebook the charge is 1,200pesos plus the recent fare of the desired trip”.Oh well, that’s their policy! It’s better to forfeit the ticket than to rebook .It can be expensive.sigh. I guess there is still a promo fare that comes out online. Finally, we got a promo fare ticket again. That was January 2011.The vacation trip must go on.It was lucky that our vacation trip fall together in the Fiesta celebration of Cadiz City.It was also my first time to visit Bacolod City . Do you want to know more about our vacation trip? Kindly, follow this link for the exciting Festival pictures I experienced.

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